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Round Table Editorial is a company of professional editors at our writer's disposal. We are not a group of freelance editors under one name. This means two things: 

First, this structure means our writers get insurance on our services. If your lead editor doesn't match your vision, you are free to switch them out. If your team doesn't represent your manuscript as you thought, you can interchange individuals. 

Second, it means that our editors are represented under our name. As such, they are quality controlled and ensured that we back them, meaning they don't have to worry about the backend. 

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Your Lead Editor

First things first: you get to pick your lead editor! Think of this person as your team manager. They are in charge of making sure team members hit milestones on time. They pitch your dream team based on your preferences and assign roles within the team with your needs in mind. If you like your members, we move to next steps. 


Your Team

Having an editorial team is kind of like having super speed. All the work is divided, which means each editor is looking for one specific aspect of the story as they edit. This is done under project specifications. Some might have an editor dedicated to imagery, another to character arcs, and another to structure. Whatever the assignment, the focus is narrowed, making turnaround times much faster. 


Round Table Sessions

Your lead editor is in charge of communicating with you, making sure your schedule aligns with Round Table meetings. 

These Round Table sessions have specific focuses, much like each editor.


Most importantly, one of the biggest Round Table sessions is when we open up the table to the editors to venture out of their main focus to discuss their points of view on the manuscript, allowing a large diversity of ideas to be introduced.


Other Services

If your manuscript is ready to be published and all the ideas are well developed, you may only be looking for copy edits. You need a comma soldier, a punctuation party. 

If that sounds like you, you may benefit from one editor or two at most. We can do that, too! Give us a timeline and the length of your manuscript and we can let you know if that will take one editor or a small team of two. 


Your Insurance

Let's be real, not everyone vibes with everyone else. We know that, and we're accounting for that. Round Table Editorial is dedicated to giving you the experience your hard work deserves. Unlike working with freelance editors, you can switch out any editor at any time, no questions asked. We're here for you at the end of the day. 

If you think your team isn't representing your target audience, you have full control to rearrange. This is one exclusive feature of many offered by our editorial.

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Mystery, Drama, Comedy


Historical, Fantasy, Realistic Fiction

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Gothic, Western, Speculative Fiction


Gothic, Drama, Romance

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