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If You're Putting Your Book In The Hands Of A Single Editor, You're Already Behind

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

If you’re seeking an editor for your book, you’re sifting through a mountain of hay for a needle without a magnet. Let’s say you’ve found an editor. How do you know that one person will understand the perspective you’re offering? There’s no guarantee; it’s a leap of faith.

Or maybe you’ve stumbled upon a site that offers to introduce you to “the most experienced and highly regarded editors in the industry.” You fill out their form, pitch your manuscript with the elevator speech you’ve prepared, and just when you go to submit the form, you're finally told that the pairing is random and you won’t get to pick which of these “highly regarded” editors is right for you.

But, ok, let’s say this random pairing is nice for you. Ask yourself, how many manuscripts are now on the desk of that editor? Sites like these are like mass-producing machines or casework lawyers. There’s a stack on their desk of which they may never find the bottom.

There’s another answer that can circumvent that mountain which probably has a few ant beds hidden about. More and more writers are looking for editorial teams.

A team of trained editors solves quite a few problems. First, spreading the load of a manuscript across a team leaves the slush pile of submissions at a dull roar. The book will get the room it needs to breathe.

Turn-around time is efficiently cut-down. A team with designated types of editors guarantees that no one editor is getting bogged down with switching between the type of editor they need to be for the pages in front of them.

Your team suddenly also becomes a sample audience. Long gone are the days when writers were writing for a very narrow and similar audience. Books are in the hands of every demographic, every gender, every state, every race, every ethnicity. How could one editor ever hope to read from more than their own perspective? An editor can, if it’s an editing team.

Your one-and-only should be your life partner, not your editor. You only get one of those, after all.

Ready to find out if a team is right for you? Learn more about the premiere editorial firm that started the rush toward teamwork.

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