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"Around her the trees and wild flowers, with that oddly courteous air of natural things suddenly interrupted in their pressing occupations of growing and dying, turned toward her with attention, as though, dull and imperceptive as she was, it was still necessary for them to be gentle to a creation so unfortunate as to not be rooted to the ground, forced to go from one place to another, heartbreakingly mobile." 

-Shirley Jackson, Haunting of Hill House


I'm an imagery-based reader through and through, but only if it's well integrated with an ensnaring plot to warrant lengthy descriptions. My heart belongs to mysteries and characters that feel like they're breathing right next to me as I read. If you'd compare your story to something like Where The Crawdads Sing, Big Little Lies, The Haunting of Hill House, or Dial A for Aunties, I'm your editor! As you can probably tell, my favorite genres are comedies and/or mysteries with a bit of drama splashed throughout. 

My favorite editing scenario is developmental editing. Bring me an unfinished manuscript with good bones and a few ideas and I can help you sculpt the story you've been dying to carve out all along. I also love editing for character consistency and plot holes or expanding scenes that need more room to breathe. 


I am currently not accepting any manuscript inquiries for high fantasy pieces.  


I've been working in publishing and editing for ten years. I've worked with writers who wanted to develop a more distinct voice as well as with writers who have a strong vision and direction and everyone in between. I've founded multiple organizations to benefit writers and have worked with people from literary agents to publishers. I know the process in and out. 

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